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Commercial Frequently Asked Questions

For technical FAQ please see this page.

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Why is it a subscription?
Avo is an ever-green product with a steady release cycle. Subscriptions allow us to continue to provide maintenance, bug fixes, and new features and enhancements.
What happens when I stop renewing the subscription?
The commercial licenses are Perpetual Fallback Licenses. When you stop paying for a subscription, you will still be able to keep and use the latest version of Avo at the point in time when the subscription ended but you will loose the ability to update to newer versions.
Can I try the Pro or Advanced versions?
Due to the nature of the downloaded software we don't offer trials. We'll happily answer any questions you might have regarding those versions.
Do you have a volume license plan?
Yes we do. Please fill out this form and I will get back to you really soon.
Can I build a site for a client and transfer the license to them later?
Absolutely. It's a common situation and we believe that website owners should also own their Avo license. If you're planning to get an yearly subscription, then we recommend your customer to purchase it.
Is this a Ruby on Rails app or a package?
Avo is packaged as a Ruby gem which you can install into your own Rails app. This makes for a better update experience where you don't have merge conflicts between your app and the underlying updates.
Can Avo be used in existing applications?
Yes! It's designed to be easily added in new apps and existing ones.
For how many apps can I use one license?
You can use the Community version in as many apps as you want.

The Pro and Advanced licenses are valid for one application running in one production environment (one URL).

For more advanced licensing needs, please fill out this form.
Can I use the same license for my staging environment?
Yes. You may use the same license in staging environments. You don't have to purchase additional licenses for those.
Which versions does the subscription cover?
Each subscription covers one major Avo version. If you purchased and Avo 3 subscription, you will get updates to all Avo 3.x versions, and it will not automaticall provide updates to Avo 4.x versions.
What kind of support do you offer?
Avo Pro and Avo Advanced come with Community support. You have free access to our Discord server where the community can share feedback and offer support.

We offer a few flavours of paid support as well.
What is your update policy?
Avo apps receive new features, bug fixes, and other maintenance updates regularly using bundler. These updates are included as long as you pay for an active subscription.
What is your refund policy?
Due to the nature of the downloaded software we cannot offer refunds. You can try the Community Version for free. If you still have questions about Avo 3, contact us before purchasing and we'll be happy to answer any questions before you purchase.
Can I upgrade from the Pro to the Advanced License later?
Yes! You can purchase the Pro license now and upgrade it at any time later on.
What Ruby on Rails versions do you support?
Avo 3.0 requires Ruby 3.0 or greater and Rails 6.1 or greater.